Aug 9, 2008


Wow. You folks are curious! ;)

The last line of the previous post was for Studly. But I guess you figured that out.

I was looking for the Spanish equivalent of "what goes around, comes around," because I think turnabout is fair play. My research assistant, aka my sister-in-law (thanks, Jo!) who is of course bilingual, said "we're much more direct" when I asked her for a translation. She gave me several "sayings" that were along the lines of what I was looking for, and I chose my favorite.

'Cuz paybacks are... well, you know.

"Se te va a secar la lengua" means "your tongue is going to dry up."

That would teach Studly to think TWO times (okay, twice) before "tutoring" me inappropriately in the future.

So there.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Now you KNOW that his tongue will NEVER DRY UP!!!!
Te Amo!

Suzanne said...

Hey, I know you already have one of these, but I have an award for you over at my place. :)