Aug 29, 2008

September 1, A Memorable Day...

It was Labor Day weekend on the edge of a warm Texas summer. The year was 2001.

He wanted to go shopping. She wanted to be anywhere he was.

He wanted to "see the latest trends" in menswear at Neiman Marcus. She feared he'd spend too much.

He wanted to meander around the pretentious North Dallas mall. She wanted to be anywhere he was.

He wanted to get an idea of the fall trends and then purchase elsewhere. She sighed with relief at his fiscal sensibilities.

He wanted to invite another friend to join them for dinner. She wanted to be anywhere he was.

He suggested dinner at Houston's, her favorite and a place they frequented together. Saturday night at Houston's certainly meant a wait. She didn't mind; the more time with him, the better. She secretly hoped their friend would not arrive. He knew he wouldn't.

At about 8:15, a quiet booth fortuitously opened in the bar, and they slipped into it. Over a plate of delicious guacamole salad accompanied by a wonderful pinot grigio, they talked of the significance of an upcoming date, October 6. She reminded him that not only would it include the blessing of the ministry's annual fund raiser, but it was also the anniversary of their first kiss!

He said, "Well, how'd I do?"

She smiled and said, "VERY well."

He said, "We've sure learned a lot about each other over the past year and that only leaves one question. Will you marry me? You don't have to answer right away. You can think about it."

"Do I HAVE to think about it? YES!!!!!!!!!!" she exclaimed.

After a sweet, celebratory kiss, they enjoyed dinner and discussed with excitement the plans for their future.

After leaving Houston's, he drove her to Celestial Park. In the center of the enormous sundial, the acoustics change in an amazing way as to drown out all other sound. He led her there, and under the starry sky, he sweetly whispered "I love you" in her ear, the only thing she could hear. Her heart melted... again.

As he drove her home that night, her heart was so full. She thanked the Lord for answering her prayers and bringing this precious man into her life to be her beloved forever.

I love you, Studly Man.

Ahhh.... September.


Anonymous said...

Ahh I remember it well...the days that followed the excitement of telling all your friends what your families already was an exciting time..and the months that followed were just as exciting! So sweet....your Studly is a keeper!
Ruby's Fair Godmother

The Fires said...

I'm so glad Studly finally figured it were the ONE for him. I remember the February previous to this. You and Studly came to the Ft Worth Livestock Show and we went to Garcia's for lunch. Alan, Jake, and I fell in love with you, but Studly told us you were just a partner in "ministry". We told him to open his eyes and smell the coffee and the roses...Jen is the ONE for you! I guess he eventually got with the plan and after much prayer, God convinced him of the intent He had for your real partnership.
You are my sister-in-law in every since of the word...we love you and the whole Castro Casa. God bless you! This is a "memorial day".

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm...he never took us to the "sundial".......but, we love him just the same...and love being able to share in your lives! Yesterday/last nite was great! Thanks for the wonderful family time (no idea how many more of those there might be.)
And, thank you, LORD, for more days and hours with our loved ones!
We love you BOTH,
P.S. Thanks for not exposing my teasing in your blog!!! 8)

Pumita said...

Congratulations! I very much enjoyed your romantic story. Wanted to leave an URL with another "September" song that my husband and I like.
May you have many more happy years together!

DidiLyn said...

You captured how us women feel about our men so perfectly.
I just loved this!!!