Aug 24, 2008

How to Bathe a Little Dog

Step 1: Get a big sink.

Step 2: Set out all the necessary paraphernalia...

... including tearless puppy shampoo

... the most amazing dog treats EVER

... and the tiny syringe used to moisten the icky stuff in the corners of his eyes.

Step 3: Find crusty little dog, likely seeking refuge in Daddy's lap.

Step 4: Proceed with submersion of CrustyLittleDog into big sink now filled with water. Wash behind his ears...

... and under his chin

... and don't forget his beard.

Step 5: Remind mad little dog that Mama loves him.

Step 6: Find a strong Daddy to dry him off and fight off the evil Mommy.

Step 7: Laugh at the formerly crusty pup as he roots around to arrange his 'do.

Step 8: Kiss the cutest little face you ever did see.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you did this to my GRANDDOG! 8(

Suzanne said...

What a face! The only thing cuter is my baby

DidiLyn said...

So cute! Glad you documented it all with photos!!! :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh I loved this! I have a little Yorkie, too, named Zoe. I have actually posted pics like this of her before. She, too, has a whole label unto herself on my blog!