Aug 18, 2008

Milk and Swimming

Studly and I went to our local ice cream and dairy store on Saturday night to get some milk. (Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a happy girl if the milk inventory in the house gets low.) Mike, a young checker at the store whom we see frequently, asked if we didn't want to go over to the other counter and get some ice cream. We told him our plan was to hurry home to watch Michael Phelps go for his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Olympics.

He stared in stunned silence.

Wondering if he'd been living under a rock for the last nine days, I said, "Michael Phelps... the swimmer?"

MikeTheChecker furrowed his brow and shook his head in disapproval.

"You're not gonna watch the Cowboys play?"

Me: "Nah. They'll still be around in a few weeks and even in a few years. We wanna watch Phelps do something no person in history has ever done."

MikeTheChecker: (silence)

Me: "Even though we're watching in time delay, it will be cool to watch history being made."

Studly: "Yeah. Nobody's EVER won eight gold medals in one Olympics before."

MikeTheChecker: (silence)

Me: (silence)

Studly: (silence)

MikeTheChecker: (more silence)

Me (hating the awkwardness of the moment): "But I do want to check in and see how Tony's looking this year. We could flip channels back and forth and..." my voice trailed off as I looked at Studly for approval.

MikeTheChecker: (silence)

Me: "Hopefully they'll be playoff contenders this season."

MikeTheChecker: (silence)

Studly: "Well, have a great night."

MikeTheChecker: (silence)

We left.

MikeTheChecker a) doesn't have a TV; b) has never seen a swimming pool; c) is completely un-American; d) REALLY loves his Cowboys; e) really does live under a rock.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

I vote for under a rock.
I loved watching Michael Phelps and his family! It was awesome...what great team mates. I would have loved to have seen the medal they gave him for 8 gold medals.
He hasn't showed it has he?
Ruby's Fairy Godmother!

Krista said...

I think that it has something to do with our generation. No one that is our age isn't watching the olymipics. That's all Jay and I watch at night. In fact, I'm staying up WAY past my bedtime everynight. I was furious this morning when the "ticket" told the results of the balance beam (tonights big event) on the radio. The ladies I'm working with, 20's and 30's aren't watching. I would say that Mike has no imagination and has never seen a swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

LOL....then again, that old saying...If I keep my mouth closed, they may THINK that I am stupid, so why open it and PROVE that I am.
Love ya,

Suzanne said...

I think we've proven that the guys who work at drive-thru's and checkout counters aren't really "in the know" about

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You're hysterical, Jenn.
I finally posted my last piece on BM if you wanna come over and read.