May 12, 2008

What do YOU call it?

I'm taking a little survey. What do you call it?
It seems every household has a name for the infamous remote control. I've heard "flinker" and "do-er" and "switcher" and many more. So leave me a comment and tell me what YOU call it at your house.


Anonymous said...


GoSuze! said...

Now it's called a "remote" but when Ryan & Ali were small, it was called "the buttons" as in....(I'm way too lazy to get up, so) "bring Mommy the buttons." By the way, the one on the right is ANCIENT...did you find it under your couch???

Laura said...

The Remote, the thingy, youknowthatthing...where is it?!?!

Krista said...

"The Control"

Anonymous said...

Ruby's Fairy Godmother

SweetPea said...

Hmm...I'm feeling a little odd after 34 years I've heard of it as nothing bu "the remote" in my households. Of course, I do remember the days as a kid where there was no such thing as the wonderful remote. We would sit in front of the tv turning the dial, hard click, click, click, until we'd find a show we wanted to watch or rather a station that was viewable! Ha!

I like clicker or switcher but I think it's just way too lay to teach this old day news tricks so it's "the remote" for me!

Thank you so much for your encouraging post and for your prayers...prayers of righteous man are effective and powerful (James 5:16)...who doesn't love my man James!

I will be searching "restore" on my
God bless you sweet sister!

Heather said...