May 1, 2008

"Poll" position

The first ever Casa de Castro poll has arrived! I’ve been debating in my head which "series" to begin first, so I thought I’d let you decide. Eventually both series will probably be written, but I thought I’d see what seems most interesting to you.

Do you want to read about "Growing Up Jenny" which would involve things like drawing blood from my sister’s nose with my teeth, causing an explosion of red hair dye, being held hostage in the scary home of my evil aunt, or the reason why I detest being called Jenny?

That's me on the right. Laugh if you must.

Would you rather read about being a "Pluperfect Parallel-Parking Planoette" (a name I aptly earned) which would include stories about being on the drill team in high school? That could be fun since my skirt once fell to my ankles while I stood at attention in "victory line" at the pregame goal post, shortly after I learned about my "personality height," and the explanation behind why my hair is really short in some pictures and really long in others.

My junior year:
Both series would be accompanied by embarrassing enlightening photographic evidence. Neither will do much to elevate your opinion of me. Some information could even be blackmail-worthy.

Vote in the poll at the right, just below the blog header. I'll leave it up for a few days. This could be fun. Lotsa fun. Fun for YOU, maybe.

At the request of several folks, I've added a subscription option in the sidebar on the right. If you sign up, a confirmation email will be sent to you requiring you to um, gee, confirm you really want a subscription. Be sure to check your spam folder for that if you don't see it in your regular mail in an hour or so. After you've confirmed and been added to the list, you'll receive an email each time there's a new post from me. However, I will tell you now... the testing of this option hasn't gone well, so the tweaks are coming.


GoSuze! said...

I have two requests: I want to read "Growing Up Jenny" first, and I also want an autographed 8x10 copy of your drill team picture. Sigh...what a dish!!!

SKay said...

I agree that both scripts should be written. I'm also looking forward to the Lifetime Movie and full blown Hollywood release in the near future.
Who's going to play Jen? I vote George Clooney for Studly!

Anonymous said...

Ohh my vote is for the Pluperfest Parallel-Parking Planoette....say that 3 times fast!!
Ruby's Fairy Godmother