May 5, 2008

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I love Louie Giglio. His passion for Christ, his great love for students, and his desire to communicate simple truth have inspired me for a long time. I wish the kids Studly Man and I work with in juvenile prisons could hear him speak. It would rock their worlds.

Yesterday, I ran across this video. It's a small portion of an amazing message he delivered. The simplicity and complexity are astounding. I won't soon forget...

Be blessed.

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DidiLyn said...

HA! I listened to that message a couple weeks ago, printed out some pictures of lamanin and took it into jail.
You can do it!
They loved it.
Take the scriptures, the pictures, the info and the message in. They will love it!
Thank you, btw, so much for your always so encouraging notes on my blog.
Bless you!!