May 22, 2008

Beach Babies

Studly Man's family lives in South Texas. Way South Texas. In fact, Studly went to Southmost College his freshman and sophomore years. (I love that name... Southmost. The college was eventually absorbed by the University of Texas at Brownsville, but there are still signs on the campus, which is THE very last thing in Texas before one crosses the border into Mexico.)

The good part about having in laws in South Texas? See it here.

Now, I'm blessed to have pretty great inlaws, but how awesome is it that they live AT THE BEACH??? Jealous much?

We're off for a long weekend of rest, relaxation, fellowship, catchin' up, and just doin' nuthin'. We're taking our good friends, Duane and Brenda, with us. By the time you read this, I'll be jetting southward. (I love that "post options" feature that allows me to set the date and time to display a post that I've written well before!)


Happy Memorial Day! Ya'll have a good weekend now, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend....happy trails to you!
Love, Ruby's Fairy Godmother

GoSuze! said...

Sure, that sounds fun and all, but here's something to think about: Next year...ARDMORE!!!