May 30, 2008

Wedding bells... again

My sister is getting married today.


To Joe.


On May 30, 1981, they got married for the first time. Four kids and ten years later, they divorced. Today, May 30, 2008, the 27th anniversary of their first wedding, they'll get married for the last time.

Here's the way they looked in 1981.

Tomorrow I'll post a few pictures of their second wedding.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

As I've commented previously when you first announced this, you KNOW I am just ELATED over this. I cannot wait to see pictures! This story gives me so much hope. Did either your sister or Joe date or remarry or become involved with other people seriously? Did you sister 'stand in the gap' believing in God to restore them or was it one of those things where she moved on but was open to whatever God had in mind? Were both of them Christians at the time? Are they now?

Sorry for so many questions. I looked for your email to email you directly.

You can email me:

I'm really not trying to be nosey but I'm just curious to know more to see the full picture of God's MIRACLE. I desire the same miracle in my life and previous marriage.

Sheryl said...


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to hearing all about the wedding! Happy for the couple and the children! Hope the day is just wonderful!
Love you.
Ruby's Fairy Godmother

GoSuze! said...

So how come Megan still looks the same?!? No fair!!
We were thinking about you all yesterday, and look forward to hearing about the wedding. I hope you post a picture of the bouquet you made!