Jun 10, 2008

Windblown Puppies

Ever seen a little dog in a wind tunnel before?

Me either.

But here's what I imagine it would look like.

This is Samson in the 35+ mph wind gusts we had last week. Studly and I were laughing so hard at him, we had to take pictures. Unfortunately, the REALLY funny ones are so blurry, you can't even tell it's a dog!

He looks like a hamster!
Hey! Who turned out the lights?
Who keeps doing that?
My eyelids are going to turn inside out!

He couldn't figure out what was happening to his tail. He was walking in front of me, and every time a gust would come up, he'd turn around and glare at me (yes, dogs can glare) as if to say, "Will you STOP doing THAT?"

We shouldn't make fun of our pups. But hey... if we don't, who will?


Paula (SweetPea) said...

That second picture is WILD. The wind distorts his look so much. I bet that was an experience for you to watch your pups amazement and bewilderment of what the heck was goin' on!

Thanks for sharing.

DidiLyn said...

You know what? Your blog header an your puppy in the wind post raised my spirits. The color, the flower, the puppy dog and the happiness.
Thank you for blessing me.
(Junuary is supposed to end this afternoon!Woot!)

skfires said...

This is too funny! Poor Samson, thanks for sharing these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Now, you need to buy one of those ANCHOR PEGS & CABLE, like they use on MOBILE HOMES!

Don't want LITTLE to blow away in the next big wind!

Sheryl said...

Oh that's too funny!!

Thanks for stopping by and for encouraging me once again. Are you getting ready for a prison ministry weekend?