Jun 6, 2008

God and the US Postal Service - Part Three

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Several days later we were in our Sunday School class, and without mentioning names, Studly Man told the story of what had transpired with Jeff. There was much rejoicing, especially among those who had been praying with us about God's direction for our ministry. However, there was one couple who didn't seem to be quite as joyful as the others. No one noticed but me, but I certainly DID notice. No one else in the room (except Studly) knew what I knew.

You see, the two people I was watching were the couple who had SENT the donation check and affirming letter. I couldn't figure out why their faces didn't light up when they heard how God had orchestrated so many details as a result of their gift. All I could do was pray...

After class, the wife in this couple approached me. She asked - knowing the answer in advance - if the letter and envelope Studly had talked about had come from her home. I confirmed it had. Her face was red, but not with embarrassment as I first thought. It was frustration, and maybe even a little anger. I told her Studly had shared the story not to embarrass them, but to highlight the miracles God performed in getting that envelope to its intended destination. God doesn't NEED us to accomplish His will. He works it out in spite of us!

It was a while later when I began to understand the magnitude of that conversation. She and her husband were newlyweds at that time and still struggling with the communication game for marriage. She had written the letter and made out the check. She had carefully placed them in the envelope, written the parts of the address she could remember off the top of her head, and placed a stamp on it. She put it with the other outgoing mail for her husband to drop off at the post office. He glanced only briefly at it. He figured if she'd gotten all the way to the point of putting the stamp on the envelope, it must be ready to go. She assumed he'd notice the holes in the address and fill them in. He assumed she had completely addressed the envelope.
A spotlight was now shining on a critical issue in their marriage: they weren't communicating very well! They were frustrated and headed down a rocky path.

We as believers know how satan (and yes, I meant for that to have a lower case "s" because the enemy doesn't deserve capitalization) prowls like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. That includes Christian marriages. If satan can gain a foothold, he will tear apart a marriage. Communication is an easy target.

Thankfully this precious couple has made great strides in learning each other's language and how to communicate more effectively. The Lord has blessed them individually and corporately, and they in turn, have continued to bless others including Studly and me and Faithful Friend Ministry.

Now, two and a half years later, I am amazed when I look back on that letter and check and how God used it so obviously in the lives of five of His children. The bigger picture though is how He used the contents of that envelope to bring hope to hundreds of hurting, broken, desperate teenagers in prison who had never known true and abiding unconditional love and had never been given any real hope. Through the contents of that envelope, many have heard the Truth for the first time, and many others have come to a saving knowledge of and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Now tell me how one could believe that God is too busy to be bothered with details.


Sheryl said...

Oh yippee!! I love happy endings! What a great story.

Thanks, Jenn, for your words on my post. They mean so much to me. It's funny you posted the YouTube link, because I watch that often. I had thought about putting it on the post, then decided against it. It is one of my favorites!

Looking forward to seeing what God does with your next 525,600 minutes as well. You and your husband amaze me with what you're doing and how you're serving.


Anonymous said...

one word....awesome!
Ruby's Fairy Godmother

GoSuze! said...

Such a yummy story, it had to come in three helpings!!

DidiLyn said...

Now I am blessed. I wish we lived closer, friend. I'm glad you can see God so clearly in all the details.
Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Wow! What an amazing and inspiring story. Isn't it great how we can see God weaving things together in our lives like that!
Romans 8:28