Jun 19, 2008

Haircuts and Bratwurst

Every now and then (actually pretty frequently), Studly Man will volunteer to do for me something really, really thoughtful and helpful. You know, run an errand, bring me Starbucks at work, or slay that big dragon hiding under the bed. On Tuesday, he told me he had made an appointment with the groomer for Samson. He was even going to drop him off for me and pick him up, too. What a sweet guy!

Little did I know he had hatched an evil plan.

He took Sam in and gave the instructions for what he wanted. He said, "I want him to be bald when I pick him up."

They complied.

Please Daddy, PLEASE don't make me go back to that stylist!

Don't ever do that to me again, you big meanie!

I hope all the other dogs in the park don't make fun of me. My poor baby now LOOKS like the "mouse" his daddy says he is! Studly SWEARS Samson will be happier this way, what with this h.o.t. Texas summer we're havin', and it isn't even officially SUMMER yet. Shiloh keeps looking at him while wondering who he is and where Samson went.

To make up for it (okay, not really - it was a coincidence), Studly decided to grill some lamb chops and bratwurst on the grill and let the kids have a taste.

Our children, our beggars.

If ya gotta have a goofy looking 'do, at least negotiate some bratwurst outta the deal.

Next time Studly volunteers to "help" me, somebody remind me to say "No, thanks!"



SKay said...

I guess it's a MAN thing...My guy wants to shave the CAT...so far I've been able to keep that from happening, but I don't want him to be encouraged by this incident. Poor Samson...I know he probably feels cooler, but what about his self esteem?

Anonymous said...

ohh poor little samson...and I mean little samson.
Ruby's Fairy Godmother

DidiLyn said...

But he'll be cool for th summer, right? He'll have no pride or dignity or beauty, but he'll be comfy.
(just kidding!)

Amy Guerino said...

We have a little dog and she looks terrible shaved down too. I think she is embarrassed as well.

Are you able to have a ministry with this little one as well? With your Documentary post I've been thinking about what I can do with my little lap dog. My girl is very social and an encourager as well. We ran across a ministry of encouragement to people in medical rehab or senior living homes (assisted care and such).