Jun 12, 2008

This day in history

Exactly 55 years ago today, two amazing people pledged their lives to one another forever.

Last night as I sat at the dinner table talking to them, I learned something I'd never heard before. Part of the story I knew, but there was one BIG piece I'd never known.

Dad was in college on a naval ROTC scholarship and as such, he had to go on a six-week midshipman's cruise. Mom was "back home," and though she loved him, she feared her high school romance might not be "the one" she should commit to forever. She was young and hadn't dated too many others, and she felt she needed to make sure she wasn't going to make a mistake. While he was at sea, she dated a little. Nothing serious, just general "getting to know you" types of dates.

At one point while Dad was away, she wrote him a "Dear John" letter, which is funny considering his name is, well... John. She has always said she knew before the letter hit the bottom of the mailbox, it was a mistake. She could only trust that IF this relationship was meant to be, the letter wouldn't matter.

Dad got the letter. Dad ignored what it said.

Smart man!

When his ship returned, he got his pay and spent everything he had on her engagement ring. All he could think of was getting to her. He had no money. He was Norfolk, Virginia at the naval base, and she was at home in Roanoke, Virginia. How did he get there?

He hitchhiked.

For 200 miles.

He didn't even go to his own home to see his family after six weeks at sea. He went to her home.

When he got there, her mother told him she wasn't home because....








With someone else.

Being very sure of himself and his intention, he opted to stay there and wait for her.

To come home.

From her date.

With someone else.

That absolutely cracked me up when I heard that last night!

And yes, it was meant to be.

Happy 55th, Mom and Dad. I love you both more than words can say. You have set the bar high and given your daughters a most excellent model of a Christian marriage. Thank you for loving each other right.in.front.of.us. Thank you honoring and respecting each other. Thank you for being faithful to your vows and to our Lord.

This girl is glad an ill-conceived "Dear John" letter missed its mark.




Anonymous said...

WOW! You made such a special thing out of our "story"! We are BOTH very glad that it worked out too! And, we have you, Megan and the grandkids to show for "perseverance"!!!
I love you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How very precious. You all are blessed indeed. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. Your dad makes me smile at his persistence. I bet your mom was quite surprised to see him sittin' up on her couch when date boy dropped her off.

Anonymous said...

Happy 55th to Mr. & Mrs. P., and I am praying for 55 more!!
Mr. & Mrs. H. will celebrate their 50th next November the 2nd!!!
We are so fortunate to have such Godly parents!
Ruby Fairy Godmother!

GoSuze! said...

What a terrific story...and I thought I'd heard all the Peek folklore! Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Suzanne said...

What a great story! Love it! :)

SKay said...

What a story...thanks for sharing it! I realized this morning, Friday, June 13 was my parents wedding anniversary. They have both passed from this life to live eternally happy, but they too were happily married 58 years ago. Sadily, my father was called Home one month shy of their 50 anniversary. I too have many happy memories of an awesome Christian family.
Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs. P!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

That's beautiful!