Nov 26, 2008

I'm Thankful

I'm thankful that God loved me SO much He sent His only Son to die in my place. Grace so undeserved.

I'm thankful to live in a country where I'm still free to worship and live my life as a fully devoted follower of Christ, a privilege I don't take for granted and pray will remain.
I'm thankful for godly parents who love the Lord first, then each other, and then their children in ways that have always pointed me toward Jesus. They have sacrificed so often for me and for my sister.
I'm thankful for a loving sister who is an amazing, talented, wonderful Christian woman and friend. I'm thankful for her newfound (found again?) happiness with her husband.I'm thankful for her kids, the two greatest nieces and greatest nephew God ever created. They are joys!
I'm thankful the Lord added to my family by giving me the wonderful gift of my precious Studly Man. He makes my life complete.
I'm thankful for Studly's folks who have embraced me as their own and show love so freely.
I'm thankful for Studly's sister and her precious family who are wonderful examples of sacrificial love. (All four kids are adopted.)
I'm thankful for Studly's brother and his wife who bless us with their kind hearts.
I'm thankful for one very energetic and loyal BigDog and the joy she brings to our home.
I'm thankful for her little brother who makes me smile every day with his sweet cuddles.
I'm thankful the Lord sees fit to use us and that big dog in minstry to bring His love to kids who need to know Him.
I'm thankful for a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church that is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, refuses to compromise the Truth, and reaches out to the world with His love.
I'm thankful for an amazing friend who has known all my secrets for 30 years and loves me any way.
I'm thankful for a wise friend who sees the best in me even when I can't.
I'm thankful for a sisterhood of friends who hold me accountable and encourage me to follow Jesus.
I'm thankful for my job and the privilege of working with some awesome ladies.
(no, of course that's not me... just the only picture I could find of a woman working at her desk.)

I'm thankful for all my bloggy friends and their wonderful encouragement in my life.
My prayer for each of you this Thanksgiving is that your heart and home be filled with love and joy as you count your many blessings from above.


Sheryl said...

What a great post and what a life full of things to be thankful for! I, too, find myself very grateful this year. As tough as it's been, I know my Savior better than before. Thankful for your constant encouragement through my journey.

Praying your family has a blessed Thanksgiving together,

Anonymous said...

Ohh,I am so thankful for you too my sweet the way,thats my favorite photo of all of us!
I love you!!
You just made my whole day!
Thank you!
Ruby's Fairy Godmother

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I'm so thankful for you!!!

What a great post and don't we hae SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

And,WE are thankful for YOU!!!
Mom & Dad

The Fires said...

God bless you and your wonderful family. God has blessed me by allowing me to love you as my very own "sista-n-law"...I love you and Studly more than you can every know.
Sing-cerely, SKay
FROG...Fully Rely On God

GoSuze! said...

Terrific blog entry...being thankful for our many gifts from God. You know I'm an all-out blessing counter, and I'm thankful I've known you for ten years! While you were counting your blessings, you left out one VERY important one! It's white and creamy, and sold in retail outlets all over town....

Paula (SweetPea) said...

A wonderful list of thanks and beautiful pics.

Your church is HUGE...assuming that's your church.

Suzanne said...

A little late getting here, but I'm thankful for wonderful bloggy friends like you!!

Anonymous said...

Well hon, now that it's almost Christmas, I finally read your Thanksgiving blog. I am honored, blessed and down right tickled pink to have been your Burlene for 30 years! More love than you can know.