Nov 4, 2008

"Bang Bang" and "Snarl"

In demonstrating the power of a relationship with a Master to troubled youth, Studly Man uses Shiloh (aka "BigDog") as the "living picture." Along the way, we like to have some fun.

Hands down, the kids' favorite stunt of Shiloh's is "bang bang." They ask for it every time. Sometimes they ask to see it again and again. They also really like to see her snarl so they can get a good look at her big ole teeth. She has a hand signal for that just like she does every other trick she does. Studly knows that keeping Shiloh's performance skills sharp is crucial, so he works with her regularly.

In the process, we started noticing Samson (aka "Little") would emulate what he'd see Shiloh doing. Studly started working to teach Samson "bang bang." See if it makes you laugh like it does us.

Here's Shiloh doing "bang bang" and "snarl":

Now here's Samson doing "bang bang." He anticipates the command and plays dead even before the command because he knows what is in Studly's hand. Note Shiloh on the floor at the foot of the bed. SHE is following commands and she wants. her. treat.

God's sense of humor is evident in these two silly examples of His creation. But we love 'em!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the was the best thing that happened all day!
Ruby's Fairy Godmother

Anonymous said...

Always fun at our house!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Jenn, that is SO precious. I am smiling from ear to ear. Please don't be offended but I am not a dog lover. However, I am partial to little dogs such as your precious Samson. I really don't mean to be prejudice. I've never been an animal lover but I've fallen in love with my share of small breed dogs such as Malteze and Shitzu. I'm guessing Samson to be one of those or similar.

That Shiloh following commands on the floor is funny, precious, and just something else. How cool. She is probably thinking "dad, what's up...I'm listening, obeying, following your commands."
Thanks for this smile tonight!

Come see me sometime. I don't remember seeing your comments the last two weeks but maybe I'm losing my memory. :-)

The Fires said...

I loved it! Does Studly have the dogs trained or are they training Studly? Hugs to all!