Feb 12, 2009

Daughters of the King

Last week, my friend, Heather, celebrated her 30th birthday. Two of her lifelong friends, Amy and Amy, and I had a princess tea party for her.


A) I have friends.
B) I have friends who are only 30.

Since we'd had such a fun time at Princess Betty's birthday party, Amy #2 and I decided we'd surprise Heather with the same idea. She's a ham as you will soon see, so we knew it would be a home run.

Here is Heather with Amy #1.

Amy #1 won the prize for the longest drive to attend a princess tea party that day. She drove four hours to surprise Princess Heather. I didn't witness it personally, but rumor has it Heather did the ugly cry when she saw Amy #1. I love ugly cries.

And here's Heather with Amy #2 (my planning partner in crime)

And here she is with me. Do I look 17 years older than Heather? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

And here are all the princesses together. Note that Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty joined the festivities. We had a blast. We laughed and we ate. We laughed some more. We ate some more. We talked about the Lord and what a difference He has made in all of our lives. We are princesses... we're daughters of the King! (All of us except Cinderella. Her tiara was prettier than ours, so we're not letting her play with us any more.)

The tea room is nestled in the back corner of a darling little shop that is geared to kids, mostly girl-type kids. We embarrassed ourselves browsed around for a while. And then Amy #2 came running over to get my camera/phone because Heather was being a, well, you know, a ham.
Girl cracks me up.

Just as we were leaving, the hostesses for a bridal shower came in to begin setting up in the tea room. When a woman pulled the cake from its bakery box, I couldn't believe my eyes.

There, in all its splendor, was an armadillo cake.

Yes. It IS red velvet. I asked.

Think "Steel Magnolias" and Shelby and Jackson's red velvet armadillo "groom's cake" that Jackson's aunt made. Ouiser Boudreaux cut off the tail and served it up to Drum Eatenton, Shelby's dad.

I hope the bride-to-be thought it was funny.

And yes, I DID send the pictures into the Cake Wrecks blog.

As we walked to the parking lot, Amy #1 said her feet were hurting her. Apparently she had a recent injury, and her pups were none too happy to be pent up in some high heeled shoes. She took the shoes off and stood in the parking lot for a few minutes as we said our goodbyes.
When she stepped away, this is what we saw.

Not only did her pups not like the pain inflicted by the shoes, they also couldn't breathe!
I'm still laughing about that.

It was a grand day, and I'm so glad to have been able to celebrate with my precious friends. God is good. Indeed, He is good.

And so is red velvet armadillo cake.


Anonymous said...

I love that cake!! How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

You and the LORD DO have such fun together! And, you included your buds! I LOVED IT!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hey stranger. Long time no read, long time no see. Visit me.

Amy 1 and 2...love it. We have two Paula's at work but I can never keep straight if I'm one or two. The bad part is that my supervisor's wife is the other Paula. So he may talk about Paula to someone and he has to clarify by saying Paula my wife. One person new the Dean (my boss) had a wife named Paula and she assumed it was me. Well, one I'm 20 years younger, and two, he's my boss. That wouldn't be allowed.

Anyway, sounds like a grand day. I just don't know if I could eat a cake in the shape of such an ugly animal.

I Love your comment about ugly cries. That made me think of what my ugly cries look like...like last night. hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Guess where I am going on Saturday....yep...to the Tea place for brunch! Can't wait....Love that place.