Jan 29, 2009

Never Too Old

Today was my boss' birthday. She turned another year older. My coworkers - some very savvy girls - and I decided the idea celebrating with the same old tired lunch at a nearby restaurant was so, um, yesterday. Come to think of it, using the term "yesterday" for something that is tired and outdated is, um, well, yesterday.

I digress.

Early in the week, we told the boss lady (whom we'll call Betty) that we were taking her to lunch. Yesterday (you know, the actual day before today, not the outdated term for something outdated), she asked where we were going. I told her I couldn't tell her.

This morning we told her we were going to the monster truck rally. She wasn't buying. She's smart like that. Then we told her we were taking her to the zoo. She didn't bite. (Sorry. Seemed to fit...) She knew it was too cold out for a trip to the zoo. She also knew we were aren't THAT lame.

When the last visitor left the office this morning, we loaded up in the car and headed out. We drove. And drove. We neared Casa de Castro. She said, "We're going to YOUR house? Studly Man (well, she didn't call him that; she used his name) is cooking?" Although that would have been a treat since Studly is quite the cook, alas, that was not the plan.

We drove some more. She guessed some more. She was wrong some more.

FINALLY we arrived at our destination... a lovely little tea room in the back of a darling children's boutique housed in a 100+ year old building.

But it wasn't just tea or even just lunch. It was a feast fit for a princess.

There was even a gaggle of princesses waiting for us!

And WE got to don tiaras and jewels, too.

Betty loved it. (AND she was a great sport.)

And I give you.... PRINCESS BETTY!A girl is never too old to be a princess.

Lunch was just delightful, and we had a great time.

Here's a (blurry) picture of the four of us.

Happy birthday, Betty!


Anonymous said...

My favorite Tea Room and some of my favorite people! Tell "Betty" happy birthday from me.

Anonymous said...

Duh....me is Ruby's Fairy Godmother!

Anonymous said...

What a "lovely" time!!! Yall get a "YOU DONE GOOD" AWARD!!!!

Debateur said...

What a special birthday celebration. You sure are a great friend !

The Fires said...

You are such a princess yourself! What a jewel! I feel blessed to have you as a friend...BTY...my birthday is July 11th...exactly one week after the fireworks on the 4th. This will be the BIG 55 for me!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How unique and memorable.