Jan 28, 2009

Then and Now

Today was interesting. I learned something new.

Actually, I learned something old... again.

The storm that has blanketed America covered our region with ice. Schools were closed. Even the schools that NEVER close were closed. Businesses shuttered for the day. Activities were canceled.

But my office was open.

I thought most people would cancel their appointments and opt to stay safe and warm at home.

And I was wrong.

No one canceled.

Everyone kept their appointments.

In fact, one person even called the office on a whim saying she unexpectedly had the day off from work because of the ice and was hopeful we'd had a cancellation so she could come in.

We did.

She did.

And ya know what?

I knew her.

Another lifetime ago, she was my friend. She was a beauty queen. She was talented and funny and popular. She was smart. She had it all figured out. And for a second, it felt like I was a teenager again, all insecure and unsure of my place in the world.

And then I remembered...

- She had come to MY office, a place I've been for 18 years.

- She was in my office because she, too, has insecurities.

- She has aged just like I have. She also isn't a teenager any more.

- Her life isn't perfect now. And it wasn't back then.

- I know a secret about her family that she doesn't know. When I was told, I was bound not to ever divulge my knowledge to her.

- She has challenges in her life that make mine pale in comparison.

All these years later, she's still beautiful. But so am I. And I know my place in this world. I know I am loved. The life God designed for me is more perfect than the path I would have chosen for myself if I'd given in to those insecurities so long ago. Because He knew me then as He knows me now, He didn't leave me to my own devices, but instead guided my steps to where I am today. He has given me more than I ever imagined and far more than I deserve.

He's given her a lot, too... more than she imagined and probably more than she deserves.

We're not so different after all.


Anonymous said...

My, my...Mom and I prayed for you and asked GOD to take you and grow you up HIS WAY...and HE certainly has done a job!!!

We are so proud of you and soooooo glad that YOU ARE HIS...and OURS!!!

We love you and THANK HIM!!!

Suzanne said...

Great post Jenn.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I love you.