Dec 14, 2008


Tonight my family went to see Gloria! at our church. Can I just say... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

We enjoyed EVERY second of it. We had awesome seats (what a story there!), and couldn't have asked for better ones. I took a few pictures with my iPhone.

Me-Again and her family came.

Dad and Mom came with us, too.

The 500+ voice choir and full orchestra rocked the house.

This year, there was a special guest. We had an up-close-and-personal view of him. We sat, um, pretty close.

Those feet? They belong to Daniel, my nephew who sat next to me. That round black and white thing a few feet away? The satellite stage where The Guest played the piano and sang and entertained.
Yeah. We were close.

And here he is at the piano, literally a few feet away. John Tesh.

He sang "It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without You," a song he wrote for his wife, Connie Selleca, to whom he has been married 17 years.
See that red streamer at the edge of the stage? At the end of the very first choir number, all these shiny streamers in different colors fell from the ceiling into the crowd. One landed right at the edge of the stage.
As soon as he finished the number he was playing, he came around and stood in front of the piano. He leaned down and picked up the streamer and then held it out to me saying, "Oh, a streamer fell. Ma'am, is this yours?" "Why, yes. Yes it is," I answered with cameras rolling all around. (DVD available on the church's web site in about four weeks!) My brush with greatness as David Letterman would say.

Next, John (we're on a first name basis now) called a seven-year-old little girl named Carly from the audience to help introduce his band. So cute!

He read his very own 2008 version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas." It was humorous and poignant. So what that his face is all washed out by the bright lights in this picture. HE WAS RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME.

His three instrumentalists and one vocalist (well, technically one person was an instrumentalist AND a vocalist) did a few numbers right there at our feet.

At the end of his final segment, he challenged the congregation to employ their gifts to help others and recognize our own personal ministries. He was great, and his love for the Lord was evident.

What a night. What a great night. It was...



Sheryl said...

wow..and i know somebody who knows somebody famous. oh wait! i don't really know you do i??

sounds like a wonderful night!


Suzanne said...

So totally cool!

GoSuze! said...

John Tesh.....ooooh....I always thought he looked like a living, breathing Ken doll. Dang you're lucky!

The Fires said...

Wow! What seats! What an awesome experience! I LOVE John Tesh! I got goose bumps just reading your post. Thanks for sharing! Give Studly a HUG from me. Next time you get such fabulous tickets...let the sis know...I'm only 100 miles away now. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed being "part of YOUR group" and all the "recognition"!!!
Best part was our family being together! THANK YOU for arranging it all!!

Love ya,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow. I was amazed and awed by the 500 voice choir and then to see the special guest. He is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice. I have a CD of his that is outstanding. I love the one with a song called "Psalm xx"...I can't remember the number.

You had great seats for sure.

I love your sense of humor about your grand debut and famous DVD to be released soon.

DidiLyn said...

Wow, I love these grand, big events that you have the privilage of attending. They are awesome. Boy, a 500 voice choir! It had to sound like what we have to look forward to in Heaven someday. :-)