Jul 9, 2008

Slicing Pretty Strawberries

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Wednesday! I always love finding great new ideas and ways of making life simpler. It's also fun to check out other blogs through the links. Learn sumthin' new ever' day!

Ever notice how restaurants always have those beautiful thinly and evenly sliced strawberries? They look so much prettier as garnishes on desserts or just on a buffet than the chunky, uneven slices I end up with when using my knife. I finally learned how to get pretty and EASY strawberry slices at home.

Once the berries have been washed and the stem and leaves removed, they are ready to go. Using an egg slicer, place a strawberry in the slicer, and close the "lid." Voila! Perfectly sliced strawberries every.single.time. (Do make sure the egg slicer is the heavier duty type; some of the inexpensive plastic ones will break doing this.)

I've wowed guests with my "professional looking" slices. So quick! So easy!

P.S. "Foot locker" post below. Keep readin'!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Jenn, as I read your post, I just KNEW what you were going to say. I'm not sure how I stumbled across this a couple years back but I did. And yes, I had a cheap egg slicer and I broke one of the strings. Got a new one.

It's so cool, huh?

Karin said...

That's a great tip. I wouldn't have thought to do that.

...Now, to get an egg slicer... :)

~~Tonya~~ said...

Cool idea!! oh--I love Shiloh!!

Kirby3131 said...

As I was reading, I thought "ooh ooh! She's going to say a egg slicer" Funny thing is, I've never thought about using one of those before and I would have LOVED it. I am allergic to strawberries and if I would slice them all using the egg slicer, I'd probably make strawberry shortcake more often...

Excellent Tip!

Kim said...

What a great idea.

Thanks so much for sharing this today.

Be blessed.


Nancy said...

Great tip. Thanks!