Jul 15, 2008


The power of music.

Its ability to stir a heart.

Its capacity to elevate to another level.

Its skillful art of propelling one into worship.

THIS song:


Suzanne said...

Music truly is a gift from God, one of those little bits of heaven on earth. Having been in choir in middle school and high school, I just love to pick out the different harmonies and sing them in my head with a song like this.

Thanks for posting!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Amen sister! I've often said that I think the music leader and his choices of songs is just as important as the pastor's role with his sermon. I've been attending a "new" church since 12/31 and I cannot tell you how I feel the presence of the Lord in the music. I close my eyes and feel like I'm seeing straight to His face. Many times I pray the music would go on forever.

It is a gift to us and when we sing it is a gift of worship to HIM.
Thanks, Jenn.

DidiLyn said...

Oh my gosh, that was gorgeous!

The Fires said...

God gave us music so that we can join our hearts, minds, and souls in harmony...whether singers, instrumentalists, or just listeners, we are one with God as our focus.

Anonymous said...

The Gaither's are one of my favorites...Bill & Gloria have such a heart for the Lord's work! Awesome!
Thanks, Jenn
Ruby's Fairy Godmother