Jul 29, 2008

Coveting a Laptop

While lying in bed for three days and four nights with a horrible respiratory bug, I formulated my next post in mind, thinking I'd post it tonight. I made it to work today but came home pretty wiped out. Still, I figured I could manage enough energy to, you know, SIT at the computer and type out my post. Then... Studly Man got a phone call from a long-lost-somebody-or-other that lasted for TWO HOURS. (And this was two MEN talking!) Then Studly needed to call his sweet aunt who lives in L.A. to check on her after the earthquake. (She's fine, praise the Lord... as is all of his family who just came through Hurricane Dolly.)

Of course he handled these calls from the "command center" AKA the desk in the office where the computer sits.

Studly @ Command Center = no bloggy for Jenn.

I'll be back with a real post tomorrow   whenever he buys me a laptop sometime soon. Until then, happy Wednesday ya'll.


DidiLyn said...

I'm sorry you have been sick. No fun at all.
I don't have a lap top either, so we can cry together about that one.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Some how I missed this post.

If he doesn't get you laptop tell him to either 1) buy DSL and not tie up the line or 2) get a cordless phone and move away from the computer.

How's that for some compromise?