Jul 12, 2009


Faithful Friend Ministry's documentary video is FINALLY here! Check it out:

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We are SO grateful to Rod Dixon, Matt Dixon and Robert Morris for their efforts in producing this first class video and showcasing the mission the Lord has given us.
What are YOU using for the Kingdom?


Amy Guerino said...

It has been some time since I've visited but I'm glad I did today. This documentary captures so much of what anyone can do if they venture out of their comfort zone and let God do the rest. I've posted Shiloh's picture with a link to this post of yours for my readers to come check out and be encouraged and challenged. Thank you for sharing.

Marci said...

love this!!!!

Unknown said...

Love your description in your bio about "meeting your husband in prison." :-) What a great place to meet someone who is as equally dedicated to ministry as you are.

You're blessed with a very full and interesting life!